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Upper gastrointestinal bleeding related to migraine: the importance of education for migraine care

  • Pablo Irimia1Email author,
  • Susana de la Riva2 and
  • Eduardo Martínez-Vila1
The Journal of Headache and PainOfficial Journal of the Italian Society for the Study of Headaches5:67

Received: 11 June 2003

Accepted: 14 January 2004


Physicians involved in care of migraine patients should make a considerable effort to educate themselves and their patients. It is fundamental that doctors, patients and their families understand the causes of migraine, and know the different treatment strategies available to improve migraine care. Mallory-Weiss tears are lacerations in the region of the cardioesophageal junction due to vomiting. We report a case of Mallory-Weiss tear secondary to migraine that could had been reasonably avoided had the patient been treated with triptans since the first attack, according to the stratified care strategy. This case illustrates that inadequate management can cause serious medical consequences. It also proves that it is necessary to improve education about migraine for both patients and doctors.

Key words

MigraineMallory-Weiss tearEducation


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