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Dysimmune disorders and migraine: is there a possible common denominator?

  • Paola Sarchielli1Email author,
  • Andrea Alberti1,
  • Francesca Coppola1 and
  • Virgilio Gallai†1
The Journal of Headache and PainOfficial Journal of the Italian Society for the Study of Headaches5:115


The association between headache, especially migraine, and some immunomediated diseases, in particular autoimmune diseases, is well known. The evidence in favor of this association comes prevailingly from epidemiological studies, as well as research aimed at assessing the onset and the course of migraine in relation with the onset and activity and the biological markers of autoimmune diseases. The most relevant findings in this regard concern celiac disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, and multiple sclerosis.

Key words

HeadacheAutoimmune diseasesCeliac diseaseSystemic lupus erythematosusMultiple sclerosis