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A non–traumatic interhemispheric subdural haematoma: presented with headache as the sole complaint

The Journal of Headache and Pain20056:149

Received: 17 October 2004

Accepted: 14 December 2004

Published: 25 January 2005


Due to their localisations and symptoms, interhemispheric subdural haematomas (ISH) compose a distinct category. Altered level of consciousness and hemiparesis are the most frequent symptoms. We report a case of ISH who presented with headache as the sole complaint. Left cerebellar haematoma and ISH were found in cranial MRI and cranial computed tomography Cranial MR angiogram was normal. Haemogram and coagulation parameters were within normal limits. ISH should be considered among the diagnostic possibilities in elderly patients who present with headache as the sole symptom without other clinical features such as meningeal irritation signs, focal neurological symptoms and alteration of consciousness. Cranial imaging studies should be done in such cases.

Key words

Secondary headacheInterhemispheric subdural haematoma