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The comorbidity of migraine and hypertension. A study in a tertiary care headache centre

  • M. P. Prudenzano1Email author,
  • C. Monetti1,
  • L. Merico1,
  • V. Cardinali1,
  • S. Genco1,
  • P. Lamberti1 and
  • P. Livrea1
The Journal of Headache and Pain20056:190

Published: 20 July 2005


Literature data concerning the comorbidity of migraine and hypertension are conflicting and lacking in consistency [1–4]. This study was designed to evaluate the distribution of hypertension in a sample of migraineurs in comparison with a group of tensiontype headache (TTH) patients. Hypertension prevalence was more elevated in headache sufferers than in the general population. This finding might be due to a Berkson’s bias; in fact individuals seeking medical care often show a high rate of association between two medical conditions which may be independent in the general population [5]. The highest hypertension prevalence was found in patients with TTH, supporting the hypothesis that this type of headache might be based upon vascular mechanisms [6].

Key words

HypertensionMigraineTension-type headache


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