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The prevalence of allodynia, osmophobia and red ear syndrome in the juvenile headache: preliminary data

  • V. Raieli1, 2Email author,
  • E. Pandolfi2,
  • M. La Vecchia2,
  • D. Puma2,
  • A. Calò2,
  • A. Celauro2 and
  • D. Ragusa2
The Journal of Headache and Pain20056:205

Published: 20 July 2005


The aim of the study was to determine the frequency of clinical allodynia, osmophobia and red ear syndrome in a young population. Medical records of the children admitted for headache between 1 December 2004 and 31 March 2005 were consecutively studied. A questionnaire was used to find the prevalence of allodynia, osmophobia and red ear syndrome. We visited 96 children with headache. The range of age was 6–18 years. We classified migraine in 57%, other primary headaches in 25% and secondary headaches in about 18%. The presence of ipsilateral clinical allodynia was 14.5% in migraine, osmophobia in 20% of migraine and red ear syndrome in about 24% of migraine cases and they were absent in the other two headache groups. Our study shows that features like osmophobia, allodynia and red ear syndrome are not uncommon in migraine while they are absent in other types of headache.

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AllodyniaOsmophobiaRed earMigraineChildren