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Cost assessment of headache in childhood and adolescence: preliminary data

  • G. Mazzotta1Email author,
  • B. Gallai2,
  • A. Mattioni3,
  • F. Floridi3,
  • F. Foti3,
  • M. Allegretti3 and
  • R. D’Angelo3
The Journal of Headache and Pain20056:207

Published: 20 July 2005


Headache, and in particular migraine, is a common disturbance in childhood and adolescence. The disabling nature of headache, evident in the adult, together with its effects on family life and reduction in performance of scholastic activity, make it a disease with an elevated social economic impact. We present preliminary results of a prospective study conducted over 6 months on a population of headache sufferers in childhood and adolescence who referred to our Juvenile Neuropsychiatry Centre of the Hospital of Perugia. Our objective was to quantify the direct and indirect costs associated with juvenile headache.

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