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Warfarin as a therapeutic option in the control of chronic cluster headache: a report of three cases

  • P. A. Kowacs1Email author,
  • E. J. Piovesan1,
  • R. W. G. R. de Campos1,
  • M. C. Lange1,
  • V. F. Zetola1 and
  • L. C. Werneck1
The Journal of Headache and Pain20056:234

Received: 17 April 2005

Accepted: 8 June 2005

Published: 1 August 2005


Chronic cluster headache remains refractory to medical therapy in at least 30% of those who suffer from this condition. The lack of alternative medical therapies that are as effective as, or more effective than, lithium carbonate makes new therapies necessary for this highly disabling condition. Based on a previous report, we gave oral anticoagulants to three patients with chronic cluster headache. Two of them remained cluster headachefree while taking warfarin. In the third patient, the use of warfarin for three weeks initially increased the frequency and intensity of cluster headache attacks but subsequently induced a prolonged remission. In spite of the paucity of data available, oral anticoagulation appears to be a promising therapy for chronic cluster headache.

Key words

Cluster headacheChronic cluster headacheCluster headache therapyOral anticoagulantsWarfarin