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Comorbidity in Finnish migraine families

  • V. Artto1Email author,
  • M. Wessman2, 3,
  • M. Nissilä4,
  • E. Säkö4,
  • J. Liukkonen5,
  • H. Teirmaa6,
  • H. Harno1,
  • H. Havanka7,
  • M. Ilmavirta8,
  • A. Palotie2, 9, 10,
  • M. Färkkilä1 and
  • M. Kallela1
The Journal of Headache and Pain20067:319

Received: 26 May 2006

Accepted: 31 August 2006

Published: 25 October 2006


The objective of the study was to investigate comorbidity of migraine in Finnish migraine families. One thousand consecutive participants in the Finnish Migraine Gene Project reported their medical illnesses in addition to migraine and headache. Migraine patients (n=678) reported significantly more hypotension (OR 1.43, CI 95% 1.02–2.01), allergy (OR 1.83, CI 95% 1.34–2.51) and psychiatric disorders (OR 4.09, CI 95% 2.11–7.92) compared to their family members without migraine (n=322). Subgroup analyses demonstrated that especially women and the group fulfilling the criteria for both migraine with and without aura were likely to have additional disorders besides their migraine. Interestingly, male migraineurs with aura reported a significant association with stroke and epilepsy. Familial migraine is comorbid with hypotension, allergy and psychiatric disorders. The association between migraine with aura and stroke and epilepsy among men of the studied families warrants further study. Clinical, pathophysiological and genetic implications of these results are discussed.

Key words

MigraineComorbidityHypotensionPsychiatric disorderAllergyFamily studies