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Headache attributed to airplane travel (“airplane headache”: first italian case

  • Federico Mainardi1,
  • Carlo Lisotto2,
  • Claudia Palestini3,
  • Paola Sarchielli4,
  • Ferdinando Maggioni5 and
  • Giorgio Zanchin5
The Journal of Headache and Pain20078:390

Received: 16 January 2007

Accepted: 18 April 2007

Published: 11 June 2007


A new form of headache, whose attacks seem to be stereotyped, has been recently reported; because of the peculiarity of its onset, strictly related to airplane travel, the name of “Airplane headache” was proposed. A total of 7 cases have been published. Here we present the first Italian one. Furthermore the revision of the clinical characteristics of each patient leads us to propose provisional diagnostic criteria.


Airplane headache Barotrauma Diagnostic criteria Headache attributed to airplane travel