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The validation of ID migraine™ screener in neurology outpatient clinics in Turkey

  • Necdet Karli1Email author,
  • Mustafa Ertas2,
  • Betül Baykan2,
  • Ozlem Uzunkaya3,
  • Sabahattin Saip4,
  • Mehmet Zarifoglu1,
  • Aksel Siva4 and
  • MIRA study group
The Journal of Headache and PainOfficial Journal of the European Headache Federation20078:397

Received: 20 May 2007

Accepted: 18 June 2007

Published: 24 September 2007


The aim of this study was to investigate the validity of the ID Migraine™ test in neurology outpatient clinics (NOCs), regardless of their presenting complaints. Patients admitted to 41 NOCs were screened. Eligible subjects (n=3682) were evaluated by a neurologist for headache diagnosis according to the International Headache Society criteria and asked the 3-item screening questions of the ID Migraine™ test. Of 3682 patients, 917 (24.9%) were diagnosed as migraine, whereas 1171 (31.8%) were ID Migraine™ test positive. The sensitivity of the ID Migraine™ test for neurologist’s diagnosis of migraine was 91.8%, specificity was 63.4%, positive predictive value was 71.9% and negative predictive value was 88.4%. The ID Migraine™ test is easy to use and a practical test that could alert the neurologist to diagnose patients having other complaints. This test would help to increase the diagnosis and treatment rate of undiagnosed migraine patients in NOCs.


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