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Clinical and descriptive analysis of chronic daily headaches

  • Franco Granella,
  • Giorgio Sandrini,
  • Maria Pia Prudenzano,
  • Teresa Francavilla,
  • Giuseppe Pietrarossa,
  • Vittorio Sciruicchio,
  • Maria Nicolodi,
  • Stefania Canova,
  • Gennaro Bussone,
  • Domenico D'Amico,
  • Giuseppe Libro,
  • Susanna Usai,
  • Giorgio Zanchin,
  • Giuseppe Nappi,
  • Virgilio Gallai,
  • Paola Sarchielli,
  • Andrea Alberti,
  • Rosanna Cerbo,
  • Piero Barbanti,
  • Giuliano Relja and
  • Giorgio Nider
The Journal of Headache and PainOfficial Journal of the Italian Society for the Study of Headaches1:0001S027.10194


With an ad hoc, previously validated clinical record, we analysed the headache characteristics in 245 patients (F, 78.4%, M, 21,6%; mean age, 43.1±12.9 years) affected by chronic daily headache (CDH) attending 9 Italian headache centers. Migraine without aura was the episodic headache preceding CDH in 72.3% of the cases. We divided CDH into 3 categories: chronic tension-type headache (CTTH), chronic coexisting migraine and tension-type headache (CCMTTH), and chronic migraine (CM). CCMTTH accounted for 46.5% of the cases, followed by CM (30.2%) and CTTH (23.3%). Female prevalence was more marked in CCMTTH and CM groups, in which episodic headache started earlier. Migraine without aura was the episodic headache preceding CDH not only in most cases of CCMTTH (83.0%) and CM (91.9%), but also in 25% of CTTH patients.

Analgesics misuse (abuse of weak analgesics and/or combination drugs in almost all the cases) prevailed among CCMTTH (61%) and CM (89%) patients with respect to CTTH patients (37%).

Key words Chronic daily headacheChronic tension-type headacheChronic coexisting migraine and tension-type headacheChronic migraine