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All triptans are not the same

The Journal of Headache and PainOfficial Journal of the Italian Society for the Study of Headaches and the Italian Society of Pain Clinicians2:17


The current review providesa brief summary of the key pre–clinical and clinical characteristics of the triptans that might influence the choice of drug. Data from extensive clinical trials tentatively suggest that eletriptan and rizatriptanmay offer an advantage over other triptans on the basis of two clinically important efficacy parameters: eletriptan has the highest likelihood of sustained headache response, while rizatriptan has the highest likelihood of achieving and sustaining apain–free response. In terms of tolerability, best–in–class goes to naratriptan, almotriptan, and frovatriptan, though the tolerability profile of triptansis very good overall, and patient preference appears to be more closely correlated with efficacy than tolerability. A need is noted for more double–blind studies that directly compare triptans.

Migraine Vascular headaches 5–HT1 agonist Triptan