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Functional and clinical evaluation of dysgnathic patients before and after surgical-orthognathic treatment

  • Carmen Mortellaro,
  • Davide Giangrandi,
  • Simonetta Gallo,
  • Alessandro Leonardi and
  • Marcella Pavese
The Journal of Headache and PainOfficial Journal of the Italian Society for the Study of Headaches2:10020089.10194


In this study, we evaluated, as far as clinical and functional aspects are concerned, the eventual and precocious improvement obtained with a combined orthognathic and surgical treatment on a group of 27 dysgnathic patients. In particular, pain (muscle contraction, headache, cervical and TMJ pain), otovestibular symptoms (hypoacusia, acouphonia, vertigo), interocclusal distance, stableness at rest, deglutition and mandibular movements were evaluated. We compared the different indexes taken in consideration before and after treatment, with a precocious follow-up (four months after the end of the post-surgical orthodontic treatment of adjustment). First results obtained look positive even if they need a further evaluation in the future.

Key words Facial painOrthognathic surgeryOtovestibular symptoms