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Headache and ischemic stroke

The Journal of Headache and Pain20143:30100015

Published: 2 February 2014


Migraine is a common neurological condition affecting yearly 1%–10% of all men and 3%–20% of all women. Focal neurological symptoms (auras), most commonly visual and sensory, occur in 4% of migraine attacks. Migraine with and without aura seems to be associated with an increased stroke risk. Migraine with aura may mimic transient ischemic attacks and may induce stroke (migrainous stroke). Headache is also a common symptom during ischemic stroke In this review, we present the evidence about each of these circumstances to better understand the relationship between headache, especially migraine, and ischemic stroke.

Key words

HeadacheStrokeMigraineCerebrovascular diseases