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Idiopathic stabbing headache in the juvenile population: a clinical study and review of the literature

  • Vincenzo Raieli1Email author,
  • Giovanni Luca Eliseo1,
  • Michela La Vecchia1,
  • Girolama La Franca1,
  • Eleonora Pandolfi1,
  • Domenico Puma1,
  • Donatella Ragusa1 and
  • Mario Eliseo1
The Journal of Headache and Pain20143:30100021

Published: 2 February 2014


Idiopathic stabbing headache is a not well known type of pain, and few reports have described the disorder in juvenile age. We report a sample of 30 juvenile patients with clinical features of stabbing headache after having excluded other pain disorders. We observed the presence of psychological features and the lack of association with migraine, unlike in the adult form. Some patients needed pharmacological treatment but the prognosis was good. Further studies are needed to better understand the mechanisms of pain and possible triggering factors.

Key words

Stabbing headacheJuvenile populationShort paroxysms