Open Access

The impact of headache on quality of life

  • Gisela M. Terwindt,
  • Michel D. Ferrari and
  • Lenore J. Launer
The Journal of Headache and PainOfficial Journal of the Italian Society for the Study of Headaches4:00007


Population-based studies have shown that migraineurs have reduced HRQoL independent of depression. Furthermore, HRQoL is reduced with increasing migraine attack frequency. In both population-based and clinic-based studies, CDH patients have reduced HRQoL, most marked in subjects with analgesic overuse. In one population-based study, no difference in HRQoL was found between patients with transformed migraine (TM) and patients with CTTH. However, the number of patients in this study was relatively small. In a clinic-based study, SF-36 scores in patients with chronic daily headache (CDH) depended on the percentage of the type of patients in the sample: the greater the proportion of patientsa with TM, the more impaired the SF-36 scores.

Key words HRQoLQuality of lifeHeadacheMigraineCluster headache